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Actionable predictions for people who can use it to benefit the company

DSR is a small company (less than 10 people) with an established reputation in the EU and US for providing exceptional educational experiences. Our retreats are the only data science and data engineering courses which offer world-leading chief-data-scientist-level mentoring. We help programmers and others with significant quantitative training (e.g. science, engineering, or math graduates) ramp-up rapidly for a data science or data engineering career – arguably the two fastest-growing, highest-demand professions in the world. DSR provides 3-month, in-person, intensive courses in the startup-capital of Europe (Berlin). We have about a 5% acceptance rate, and many companies who hire from us come back. Our brand is very visible in the data science word.

Not many people know this, but as well as our retreats we also run enterprise training courses; market-leading companies understand that technology changes fast and to stay at the top they need to constantly upskill their people. We have trained the data scientists of two corporations already, and would like to strengthen this part of our core competence. 

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